Deborah Hansen

Reverend Deborah Hansen: Assistant Pastor, Discipleship, Women’s Ministries

Deborah Hansen has been attending Eternity Church since 1985. It is a testimony to her character that the senior pastors entrusted her to serve as nanny to their children during their early, formative years.  This enabled Deborah to care for her own three children at the same time and to provide loving care for the young children of other staff members whenever she was able to do so.

Through the years, Deborah has supervised ministries in the church such as prayer and women’s discipleship and support groups. She organized and developed the Altar/Prayer Assistance Ministry and continues to serve as its overseer. The wisdom that comes from years of faithful study and practical application of scripture has prepared Deborah to assist in a variety of counseling and discipleship matters including Prayer & Healing School, Membership Classes, and one-on-one and small group meetings. When Pastor Phil’s duties take him elsewhere, Deborah often ministers in the pulpit with passion and clarity.

Born and raised in Duluth, Deborah reared three wonderful children as a single mother, and she is the grandmother of six. Deborah serves the community as a member of the Board of Trustees for Rum River Health Services where she is an advocate and representative for the homeless.

Deborah is a teacher and exhorter of the Word of God. She has a passion to encourage, challenge and assist others in their spiritual walk by building up and motivating them to draw closer to the Lord. Over the years, she has developed the skills to work with and help people from diverse backgrounds who are facing difficult challenges by pointing them to the true source of all help, Jesus Christ!