Core Values

Our Core Values are things that are unchangingly important to us….

1. We value the Word of God, rightly divided, in its application to both unbeliever and believer—to the unbeliever providing faith to be saved, and to the believer causing maturity in Christ.

2. We value the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit with His gifts, graces, anointings, manifestations, demonstrations and power.

3. We value an everyday, continuous, intimate relationship with God that grows closer and closer as we move toward eternity. Out of this relationship flows all ministry and a commitment to others – including our church, fellow believers, our communities and the world.

4. We value every human being, born and unborn, and believe each should be treated with dignity and respect.

5. We value faith in the unchanging Word of God. This faith comes by the hearing of that Word, and it is this faith that overcomes the world and assures our victory.

6. We value action over words alone, and express our faith in God by actions that demonstrate our love for God and for others.

7. We value unity in the local church, believing that God can better accomplish His will through unity than by sheer numbers.

8. We value relationships with others because they reflect our relationship with God.

9. We value reaching out to the world in loving, creative and innovative ways that relate to the present culture without compromising our message. God is not willing that one should perish, and neither are we.

10. We value families because without them we won’t have strong churches, strong communities, or a strong nation. Family is the building block God uses to begin the expression of His love.

11. We value doing things with excellence and creativity because it honors God, reflects His character, and inspires people; and with joy, because it’s a privilege to serve Him.

12. We value effectual, fervent prayer because the authority given to us by Christ releases God’s ability into the earth.

13. We value God’s kingdom and His righteousness over the things of this world and believe that as we do, God meets our needs and fulfills our righteous desires.

14. We value becoming and making disciples (adhered learners) of all who come to Christ, thus fulfilling the command of Christ.

15. We value continual growth in leadership skills and principles, knowing that Christ intends for each of us to be people of influence wherever we are.